DETAIL – Project description

  • Implementation of an online portal for high-quality content from the field of “architecture” with monetization functions in the form of paywalls and subscriptions
  • Implementation based on Adobe Commerce


  • Implementation of free, freemium and premium content types and the associated subscription ruleset.
  • Implementation of a custom PDF viewer with protection of the content as intellectual property of the publisher
  • Connection payment provider
  • Implementation of a custom design with full integration of Adobe Commerce Page Builder.
  • Content delivery via a wide range of access options, including single login, corporate login, and Internet
  • Integration of ad servers for monetization of site visitors.


  • SEO optimization of the platform
  • Interfaces to subsystems and publisher billing incl. subscription management for print and online content
  • Continuous expansion of the system with additional functions
  • Special protection of the display of the images based on copyrights of the photographers
  • Optimizing cloud performance with very large data sets.
  • Optimization of search indexing based on Elastic Search / Open Search.
  • Importing very large amounts of data from legacy systems and cleansing the data to a standardized format.
  • Analysis and optimization of the cloud infrastructure incl. setup of dedicated firewalls and a CDN.
  • Off-siting of media data to reduce the load on the server and infrastructure and load times.