BOSCH Rexroth – Adobe Commerce Frontend mit SAP Litmos

Management Briefing

  • Conceptual design of a Learning Management Systems frontend (LMS) with full SAP Litmos integration in BOSCH corporate design based on Adobe Commerce.
  • Setting up the Adobe Commerce platform as the central frontend for maintaining course information for SAP Litmos.
  • Enhancement of the SAP Litmos platform with functions that are not possible in SAP Litmos native, thus facilitating content maintenance for content editors.
  • Categorization of courses by topic, which makes it much easier for interested participants to find content and enables global marketing of BOSCH Rexroth’s course content.


  • Provide an overview for end users to find courses using a search and filter function (including sessions and locations).
  • Creation of a sign-up function to allow users to register themselves or co-workers as participants.
  • Roll-out to worldwide country versions with country-specific course offerings in the respective languages.


  • Courses and sessions are created, maintained, and enhanced with instructors and locations in Adobe Commerce.
  • Manage country versions with dedicated teams of editors by country.
  • Optimize content in terms of SEO.

Interface to SAP Litmos

  • Bi-directional export of all relevant data from Magento to Litmos via SAP interface, allowing courses and sessions to be automatically created in SAP Litmos and updated when changes occur.